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Next Summer School

Summer School
Summer School 2016/2017

Bro Steve McGeorge - The Levites - They shall be mine
Bro David Bailey - David and the consequences of sin

24 December 2016 to 1 January 2017 God Willing
Location: Blue Skies, Kaiapoi, Christchurch

Applications open online at 7pm on 1 August 2016

Please note: This year we will only be accepting online applications

If you are likely to have difficulties applyine online, someone in your ecclesia will be able to help you.

Please note that this year Summer School starts on 24 December

School hosts: Bro Ben and Sis Liz O'Grady; 
Bro Andrew and Sis Laurel Galbraith
Bro Mark and Sis Ngaere O'Grady

The Levites - They shall be mine
Of all the groups of people spoken of in scriptures the Levites are perhaps the most faithful group over the longest period of time. It is a remarkable story that spans the entire Old Testament and even into the New. It also starts off in the direst circumstances with two brothers bent on revenge and not a shred of morality, but remarkably one of those two brothers is slowly transformed and changes. His transformation is infused into the tribe that bears his name and over time they grow into the role of teachers of the nation, faithfully serving their God over many thousands of years. In Malachi we discover that there is an invitation for any who seek to talk about Yahweh to others that they can be ‘Levites’ too and are described as such by him, which of course can included ourselves if we choose it..
David and the consequences of sin
After his sin with Bathsheba, David was not the same man. Was it for the better? On the outside it certainly doesn’t look so. Before his sin, David was robust, decisive, full of life, and involved; after his sin David, was melancholic, yielding, sick, and reclusive. But does this portray a man less spiritual, less important, less worthy of our attention? The fact is that this is the David that God formed through forgiveness.
The Bible shines a spotlight on David’s sin and its consequences in the Bible so that we may learn from it. We shall see the effects of David’s sin upon his family, friends, courtiers, and the nation. We shall see how David handled personal sickness, family problems, betrayal, treachery, derision, civil war, personal mistakes. We shall particularly see this through the story of Absalom’s revolt — an event that not only reveals the character of David, but the character of his greater son: Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Evening Activities - The way God works
In the evenings there will be a mix of studies and family evenings (involving many exciting activities for all ages) where we can all join together to enjoy learning from God's word.

Junior School
Brother Edward and Sister Melissa Patterson
The first session will consider “The First Century Ecclesia”, with lessons taken from the stories in Acts 1-8. We will see that the Truth must be part of our lives; that it requires a sure foundation and that it needs to be practically outworked in our lives daily. The second session will look at some of the wonders of creation in a theme, “The Heavens Declare the Glory of God”.

Teenage Activities - Life principles from Genesis 1-3
Those at secondary school (school years 9-11) will have their own class during the first session led by Bro Derek Thelning on the subject "Life principles from Genesis".
The foundation of the world and God's plan and purpose are outlined to us in Genesis 1-3. Commonly known as 'The Seedbed of the Bible', we will be delving into the fascinating story and bedrock principles that come from this phenomenal portion of God's word. Come prepared with pencils sharpened and preferably a wide margin Bible to take plenty of markings in.

Bro. Steve McGeorge will lead the second session. 

Throughout the week there will also be specific activities/trips organised for the young people.

To attend, please book online.  Applications close 30 October 2016 (or when full). Children under 15 years old must be part of a family group who are responsible for their behavior. Please note that the age for dormitory entry is 15 years. Your attendance should be planned for the full duration of the school. If for some reason you are unable to do so please provide full details with your application form. Any who wish to attend on a regular daily basis should make prior arrangements with the Committee. Please note that when the Summer School is full applications will be placed on a waiting list in case of cancellations.

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