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Summer School
Summer School 2017

Bro Steven Palmer - Ezra-Nehemiah
    One Scroll, One Message
Bro Roger Lewis   - Gabriel - Messiah's Evening Angel

23 December 2017 to 31 December 2017 God Willing

Location: Blue Skies, Kaiapoi, Christchurch

Please note: This year we will only be accepting online applications

If you are likely to have difficulties applying online, someone in your ecclesia will be able to help you.

Please note that this year Summer School starts on 23 December

School hosts: Bro Russell and Sis Fiona Beaumont 
Bro Rob and Sis Rochelle Oosthuisen
Bro Ben and Sis Liz O'Grady

Ezrah - Nehemiah: One Scroll, One Message
In the earliest Hebrew manuscripts Ezra and Nehemiah are one book. Separation of the two appears to date from the time of Origen in the 3rd century AD, is taken up by the Vulgate, and is then adopted in the printed editions of Hebrew Bibles.
 Recognition of the unitary nature of the two helps considerably in understanding the import and application of these scriptures.
Ezra-Nehemiah speaks of the building up of the ecclesia of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the Word made flesh who calls us out of the captivity of sin and death to become a holy nation, living stones in the house of God, separated from an ungodly world in the way we live (2 Cor 6:14). The equivalent for us of Israel’s intermarriage with surrounding peoples is to break down the walls of separation, to abandon the principle, to accept the ecumenical overtures of a “social gospel”, to espouse the erroneous doctrines and practices of the apostasy, to imbibe the liberal humanist spirit of the age. The remedy is to minister sound exposition of the scriptures, to tremble at His word. If this is done humanist trends can be reversed and we can experience the joy of the fellowship of the “one man”, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Gabriel - Messiah's Evening Angel
There are only two archangels mentioned. Both hold responsibility for special tasks in the Father’s service. Michael has unique responsibility for the nation of Israel, and is the angel who bears the name of Yahweh Himself. But Gabriel has the special charge of all things pertaining unto Israel’s Messiah. Gabriel has therefore been uniquely associated with Christ, and in such a way as to bind him close to the Son of God in all his labours.
In these studies, the veil will be pulled aside so that we might have the privilege of a brief but memorable glimpse of this angelic being who was so passionately committed to the work of Christ. We will examine Gabriel’s role, discover his signature, learn his spirit, and rejoice in the blessing of coming face to face with Messiah’s Evening Angel.
In the process, we will be confronted with the reality of sin, the wonder of forgiveness, and how our response should be seen in a life of daily thankfulness to God, and a pledge of daily faithfulness to Christ.

Evening Activities - Theme to be advised
In the evenings there will be a mix of studies and family evenings (involving many exciting activities for all ages) where we can all join together to enjoy learning from God's word.

Junior School
Brother Ben and Sister Elissa Brinkerhoff
The first session will consider Peter, the rough and weathered fisherman, committed in his service to John the Baptist and quick and eager to follow his Messiah. Devoted to his Lord, the gospels show us a man who is softened and transformed by his time with Jesus Christ who challenges his faith and helps his eyes open to the reality of a LIVING and powerful God whose power ebbs through his son and eventually through Peter too. We see his heart converted so that he can stand before the Sanhedrin willing only to answer to his heavenly Father no matter what the cost. 
In the second session, the children will be learning all about rocks, how we are living stones that collectively make up the temple of the living God. The children will also be looking at the Cornerstone and why Jesus is called the cornerstone in scripture. And finally the children will learn about stones vs bricks, maybe even smash them together or drop both from the same height onto a hard surface….and show that Jesus in symbol is a stone cut out without hands, and this is the stone that will come to fill the whole earth.

Teenage Activities
Those at secondary school (school years 9-11) will have their own class during the first session led by Bro Ben O’Grady. Bro. Steven Palmer will lead the second session.

To attend, please book online.  Applications close 30 October 2017 (or when full). Children under 15 years old must be part of a family group who are responsible for their behavior. Please note that the age for dormitory entry is 15 years. Your attendance should be planned for the full duration of the school. If for some reason you are unable to do so please provide full details with your application form. Any who wish to attend on a regular daily basis should make prior arrangements with the Committee. Please note that when the Summer School is full applications will be placed on a waiting list in case of cancellations.

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