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Winter School
Winter School 2017

Bro Andrew Bramhill - On the border of the Kingdom
Bro Simon O'Grady - Jesus of Nazareth

8 to 15 July 2017, God Willing.

Location: Napier Girls High School

Applications open online at 8pm on 1 February 2017

This year we will only be accepting online applications

If you are likely to have difficulties applying online, someone in your ecclesia will be able to help you.
‘On the Border of the Kingdom’ – Bro Andrew Bramhill
The long address Moses delivered to the people before they entered the promised land is recorded in Deuteronomy. It is full of exhortation, encouragement and instruction, much of which can be applied to us, standing as we are on the threshold of the kingdom. In these studies we will examine the content of Moses’ address, see who else has been strengthened by Deuteronomy and encourage ourselves as we await the return of our Lord.

‘Jesus of Nazareth’ – Bro Simon O’Grady
These studies focus on the pre-ministry Jesus of Nazareth - the events and narratives surrounding his birth and childhood, through to his baptism before he embarked on his ministry at about 30 years of age.
As we journey through the early chapters of Matthew and Luke we will seek to:
  • Be amazed at the genius of the concept of a child born of a woman but begotten by Spirit – as the Saviour of the World .
  • Be caught up in the excitement of two outstanding women of faith – Mary and Elizabeth, mothers to the two greatest sons ever born.
  • Be enthralled by the drama of the birth records.
  • Unravel the facts from the fiction of popular imagination.
  • Uncover the incredible thematic foundation being established step by careful step in the Gospel narratives.
  • Above all, we want to grow our relationship with a relatable Jesus of Nazareth - a Man approved of God.

Evening Series:
“The Atonement – What difference does it make?”
If there is one doctrine we should have clear in our minds it’s the Atonement. We will be looking at the burning question of how are we actually saved - is it by works or by faith? A particular focus will be placed on the moral power of the atonement, highlighting that it’s critical to have a clear understanding of this doctrine so as to live a life dedicated to God, as he intended.
Fun filled and informative family nights will complete the evening program.

Junior School: Bro Wayne and Sister Dinah Roberts
We are excited for the kiddies this year to have Bro Wayne and Sis Dinah Roberts’ leading the Junior School.
Session one will be to the theme of, “Come out of her my people” – looking at selected events from the story of Israel’s miraculous Exodus from Egypt.
Session two will be a little more hands on, covering the interesting history and culture of the nations that are evident in Nebuchadnezzar’s image of Daniel two.

Teenage Sessions (School Years 9-11):

First Session: ‘Josiah: a King for the end times‘, Bro Aaron Cheek

Second Session: ‘Being with the Master’ - Bro Andrew Bramhill
It is time for a serious look at the Lord Jesus. What did he really teach, and how was it taught? How did he pray and use his Bible? What were his priorities in life and how did these become evident? What did he expect of his disciples? How did he overcome temptation and the ultimate challenge of the cross? In considering the answers we will come to value the Lord Jesus a little better and appreciate how we should respond.

To attend please book online. Applications open online at 8pm on 1 February 2017. Children under 15 years old must be part of a family group who are responsible for their behavior. Please note that the age for dormitory entry is 15 years. Your attendance should be planned for the full duration of the school. If for some reason you are unable to do so please provide full details with your application form. Any who wish to attend on a regular daily basis should make prior arrangements with the Committee. Please note that when the Winter School is full applications will be placed on a waiting list in case of cancellations.
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