2018 Summer School fees are as follows:

Age Fee
0 years old Free
1-4 years old $50
5-12 years old $150
13-17 years old $210
17+ years old $300
Maximum family fee $960
South Island family tenting 15% discount
North Island family tenting 30% discount

Please note that your application will not be confirmed until the deposit has been received.
Important information:
  • Those over 17 who have left school do not form part of a family fee.
  • A $60 discount is offered to all families from outisde the South Island and overseas who are paying the maximum family fee.
  • A $30 per tertiary student discount is also available for families who are paying the maximum family fee and paying for tertiary students as well.
  • Please ensure your fees are paid in full prior to the commencement of the school.
  • Fees may be paid by direct credit: to:
    • Westpac, Christadelphian Family Bible School
    • 03-0539-0226329-00
    • (please make sure your name and ticket number are attached as a reference to your deposit!)