The origin of the present day schools were young peoples’ camps run by Bro Vick and Sis Olive Beaumont. These camps were held in different parts of New Zealand, and often held under canvas.
The following photos and information were supplied by Bro David Green
Camp at Matamata
Young People’s Camp at Crystal Hot Springs, 
Matamata from 23 Dec 1950 to 5 Jan 1951
 Our Accommodation: This is where our group slept – no flash dorms or even classrooms! 
 Our Transport: The Model T Ford that we travelled to the school in!
Group with their Model A Ford: The group is: Allan Lee, Gary Berryman, Grace Davis and Ian Berryman 
Day Trip to Rotorua: An interesting line up of cars which took us on our day trip to Rotorua – the camps consisted of many trips such as this, pamphlet deliveries and public lectures.

Camp at Te Aroha

Young People’s Camp at Te Aroha Sports Domain from 21 Dec 1951 to 7 Jan 1952
Te Aroha Accommodation: This is where we were all accommodated, all under one roof – meal prep, eating, sleeping, readings, memorial meetings. In fact after my baptism, I was received into fellowship here! What a barn of a building – we had to clean out the debris from the area where the males slept before we could move in!