Preparing for the Kingdom

25 Dec 2021 – 2 Jan 2022, Blue Skies

Summer School this year, God willing, is a theme school.  A theme school is different from our ‘normal’ schools in that the whole week is dedicated to one topic: ‘Loving his appearing’ – Preparing for the Kingdom.  
How strongly can we affirm that we “love the appearing” of our Lord?
Is our vision of that time clear or blurry?  Do we know what is going to happen after our Lord descends from heaven?
Do we want to be part of the coming transformation – both of ourselves and of this world?
Have we come to grips with the reality that he is coming, whether we are ready…or not?
God willing, our Brother Carl Parry, (Salisbury Ecclesia, Adelaide) will lead some of the sessions on the Kingdom and our preparation for it.  These will be complemented by sessions led by New Zealand brethren as well as some discussion groups.

Main studies: Bro Carl Parry. Loving His appearing: Preparing for the Kingdom

Bro Carl and Sis Virginia Parry

In these times of anxiety and uncertainty it is time to lift up our heads because we know that our Lord is at hand. This is why we have a wonderful opportunity to consider the reality of our Lord’s return at the upcoming Summer School.

Our studies will be focussing on our readiness for that coming, the joy of being transformed, our work and life in the kingdom and the amazing reward of being made equal to the angels. We are indeed a privileged people to understand the power of this vision and the certainty of its outworking. Our hope is one which embraces Israel and a house of prayer for all nations in Zion. It is one which anticipates righteousness and peace radiating throughout the world. It is one which we need to see ourselves in. It is also one which should move us to loving and faithful obedience today. To be a participant in that glorious age we must appreciate that we need to display the qualities of citizenship now.

May our studies together lift our spirits and transport us to another time as we contemplate our life in the kingdom of God in Zion.


Junior school:


Children under 15 years old must be part of a family group who are responsible for their behaviour. The age for dormitory entry is 15 years. People aged between 15 and 17 who wish to attend alone, must identify guardians who will be responsible for them.

Your attendance should be planned for the full duration of the school. If for some reason you are unable to do so please provide full details with your application form. Any who wish to attend on a regular daily basis should make prior arrangements with the committee.

Registration is final when fees have been paid.


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Please note: This year, we will be accepting only online applications

If you are likely to have difficulties applying online, someone in your ecclesia will be able to help you.

School hosts:  Bro Ben & Sis Liz O’Grady, Bro Andrew & Sis Laurel Galbraith, Bro Rob and Sis Rachelle Oosthuizen