2020/21 Summer School fees are as follows:

Age Fee
0 years old Free
1-4 years old $55
5-12 years old $160
13-17 years old $225
17+ years old $320
Maximum family fee $1020
South Island family tenting 15% discount
North Island family tenting 25% discount

Important information:

  • Those over 17 who have left school do not form part of a family fee.
  • A $60 discount is offered to all families from outside the South Island and overseas who are paying the maximum family fee.
  • A $30 per tertiary student discount is also available for families who are paying the maximum family fee and paying for tertiary students as well.
  • Please ensure your fees are paid in full prior to the commencement of the school.
  • Fees may be paid by direct credit: to:
    • Christadelphian Family Bible School

    • 03-0539-0226329-00

    • (please make sure your name is included as a reference for fees)


If financial hardship would prevent you and your family from attending Summer School, we may be able to assist. Please contact one of the hosts, the programme coordinator (programme@cfbs.org.nz), or a member of the Bible School. The Trust Board can be contacted through the Trust Board Secretary, Bro Stu Cambridge, at sjjcambridge@xtra.co.nz