Capital Foundation

Formation of the Trust

In September 2002 the Christadelphian Family Bible School (NZ) Trust was established. The Family Bible Schools have performed a valuable role in the service of the Truth in New Zealand since the 1960’s, and many brothers and sisters have been dedicated to working together at the Schools over many years. The reason for establishing the more formal structure of a Trust, was to ensure that the long term objectives of the Family Bible Schools could be preserved and developed over time.

Core Values

The Core Values of the Family Bible Schools are as follows:

To educate (mental enlightenment)

  • to promote the doctrine of God manifestation as a central principle
  • to educate by means of sound scriptural reasoning and evidence
  • to demonstrate the value and relevance of the pioneer writings
  • to provide the leadership of Bible principle as the only basis for conviction

To inspire (moral encouragement)

  • to excite with the power and wonder of the scriptures
  • to inspire to a higher standard of zeal and service in the truth<
  • to renew the joy of fellowship with the Father, and the Son, and the saints
  • to encourage with the reality and certainty of the kingdom

To empower (personal commitment)

  • to enthuse to the responsibility of personal commitment in the truth
  • to empower with spiritual material that helps to effect personal change
  • to develop helps for personal progress in Bible study, prayer and application
  • to nourish the virtues of reverence and humility in spiritual development

The purpose of the Trust, then, is to ensure that these objectives can continue to be fulfilled.

Charitable Trust

The Trust has been incorporated as a Board under the provisions of the Charitable Trust Act 1957. It has been approved by the Inland Revenue Department, as a Charitable Trust, and has exemption from income and resident withholding tax.

Trust Board Members

The Trust has five trustees who are subject to a specific term of office. The current trustees are brethren:

  • Mark O’Grady (chair)
  • Chris Yearsley
  • Brendon Clark
  • Nathan Lewis
  • Benjamin O’Grady.

Purpose of the Capital Foundation

One of the first priorities of the Trust was to provide for the long term financial stability of the Family Bible Schools. It was felt that the best way to do this was to establish a Capital Foundation.

The Capital Foundation is a long term capital fund that is designed to provide an income flow to the Bible Schools. It is intended (God willing) to build this capital fund over the long term. Funds held in the Capital Foundation, are considered to be permanent capital, and as such must be preserved. The Capital Foundation is quite separate from the day to day operational funds, and in fact maintains separate banking records.

The Capital Foundation is subject to a strict treasury policy that forbids the use of any part of its capital, to meet annual running costs of the schools. Were this to be allowed, then donated capital could be exhausted very quickly, which is not in the long term interests of the Schools. An annual income flow from the Capital Foundation however, will be made available to assist with the running of the Schools.

What, then, might the annual income flow from the Capital Foundation be used for? There are several specific applications:

To help subsidise the cost of overseas speakers

The Schools are committed to inviting a range of overseas speakers from different areas, and it is the policy of the Schools to pay travel costs and school fees for both the speaker and his wife. These are very significant costs, and an income flow from the Capital Foundation would help to subsidise these.

To help subsidise the cost of accommodation

The hiring of facilities for a Bible School is very expensive, and likely to become more so in the future. The ability to fund part of the accommodation costs by means of an income flow from the Capital Foundation, helps to maintain school fees at realistic levels.

To help subsidise attendance fees

The Schools have always encouraged brothers and sisters to attend, because of the spiritual benefits that Bible Schools provide. The School policy allows for the full or partial waiving of fees where brothers and sisters are financially unable to meet them. An annual income flow from the Capital Foundation helps to meet the shortfall of fees caused in such cases.

To help subsidise special activities

From time to time the Schools undertake special activities. These may involve special displays, the production of study notes or books, or other projects which are consistent with the Core Values. The Schools have conducted gospel proclamation activities, in the areas surrounding School locations. This preaching work has been an important special activity for many years. An annual income flow from the Capital Foundation helps to meet the cost of these activities.

How to make contribution to the Capital Foundation

There are several ways in which brothers and sisters can contribute to the Capital Foundation. It is a scriptural principle that we give for the work of the Truth, “as God hath prospered us”. Because brothers and sisters are blessed in different ways, their contributions may take different forms. Any assistance however, is gratefully appreciated, as it is the individual generosity of brothers and sisters in providing funds, that will ensure the long term continuity of the Family Bible Schools. There are several ways in which you can help.

Special donations from individuals

We would encourage the making of donations to the Trust on either an ad hoc or regular direct credit basis in support of the Capital Foundation. Donations to the Trust qualify for the rebate on donations for charitable purposes, and may be claimed in the donations rebate form provided by Inland Revenue Department. Direct credit forms are available for regular contributions, and can be forwarded to you on request.


A bequest is simply a gift of cash or assets left in a Will. Sometimes it is the donation of a specific amount of money or a specific asset. Sometimes the gift is a percentage of a person’s estate. In order to make a bequest you must have a Will. Provided you have a Will, a bequest can be added by means of a codicil amendment. Standard documentation for this can be forwarded to you on request.

Assignment of insurance policies

The Trust is able to accept the assignment of insurance policies. Either Whole of Life, or Endowment policies may be used, and the Capital Foundation is able to suggest ways in which these might be assigned. If you have a policy that may no longer be required, then the Trust can make effective use of this. Standard documentation for an assignment can be forwarded to you on request.

Ecclesial collections

Many Bible Schools throughout the world are financially assisted by collections taken up in supporting ecclesias. These are ecclesias where members attend the Bible School, and where, because of the spiritual benefits received, the ecclesia in turn benefits. With the establishment of the Capital Foundation, ecclesias can take up collections for the Schools, knowing that their contributions can be directed to the long term benefit of the Schools, rather than simply operational costs.

We welcome your support for the work of the Family Bible Schools. Specific details on requesting further information are provided in the attached sheet.

With fraternal regards,

The Christadelphian Family Bible School Trust Board