Winter School 2023

We’re so glad to be having Winter School again!!

1-8 July, Napier Girls’ High School


First session: Parables of the Lord. Bro Andrew Bramhill, Stratford-Upon-Avon Ecclesia.

The parables told by the Lord Jesus are used regularly in Sunday School for even the youngest children, yet some of them are far from simple. They were not spoken to children but to thinking men and women to teach them great principles of the Kingdom of Heaven, and the King who will reign.

In our studies we will look again, at both the easy and the difficult parables, to see what the Lord wanted his followers to learn. In doing so we might gain a better appreciation of how the Lord God works with His children, and how we should respond as future citizens of His kingdom.




Second session: Contributing to a Living Ecclesia. Bro Jamin Richards, Tawa Ecclesia

These studies are taken from the 2.5 tribes who settled on the east of the River Jordan.

From the example of Machir’s family to the influence of Rueben and Gad, this is a powerful story of development towards godly dedication. But like many things, it was not a smooth path, but a road pockmarked with the emotion of conflict and resolution – ecclesial life can sound very much the same.

This study looks at the example of Reuben, Gad and the half tribe of Manasseh and builds the picture of what involvement in ecclesial life really is.

The story provides a beautiful picture of what the ecclesia of living God looks like and our individual responsibilities within that.