Winter School 2021

10 July – 17 July 2020, Napier Girls’ High School

We look forward to seeing you there, God willing!


Main studies

Bro Nathan Lewis – Lamentations

Lamentations is Jeremiah’s masterpiece on the meaning of suffering. Trouble and hardship are the unavoidable means by which our Father relentlessly presses us into the mould of His dear Son, and almost no-one in the history of the world suffered more than Jeremiah.  The ruins of Jerusalem and the horror of the Babylonian conquest threatened to overwhelm his spirit and destroy his faith in God’s goodness. How, how, how had all of this happened? Emerging from the devastation, Jeremiah takes us on a journey of discovering meaning amidst the misery, and the watermarks of our Lord Jesus Christ are indelibly etched into this book in advance of his first advent. We can be assured that our Heavenly Father is likewise seeking this same spirit of enquiry from us even in our milder struggles in life, as we seek to follow not just Jeremiah, but our Lord’s example – to fellowship his sufferings, and be made conformable to his image.

Bro Ben Brinkerhoff – Unity in Ephesus

Of all the ecclesias of the New Testament time, we have the most information by far of the ecclesia in Ephesus.

Paul spent most of his third missionary trip in the city. We read about it in Acts. We read about his experiences there in the letters to Corinth. We have the letter to the Ephesians. Timothy is in Ephesus when Paul writes to him. John is probably in Ephesus when he writes his letters. Jesus mentions it first in Revelation.

In this amazing record we come across problems, controversies and divisions. We see exhortations for unity and exhortations to hold on to truth. We’ll examine this ecclesia over three decades to learn the lessons of ecclesial unity that we pray to be able to apply in our own day.

Evening Series

Come out of her My people

From the beginning, there have always been two seeds i.e. two ways of thinking and, in particular, two ways of approaching religion. In every age, a call has gone out to God’s people to separate themselves to their God. However, we live in a world where humanism and tolerance of all things is upheld as right. This approach to life has pervaded Christianity around the world and ecumenism is now adopted by the vast majority of christians. Our own ecclesias and individual lives are not immune from the pressure to adopt this mindset. Are we prepared to be separate? Do we understand God’s perspective and can we see with clarity how essential it is to be different? Is our relationship with God the fundamental basis for all our choices in life?

Key people:

Our coordinator this year is Bro Derek Thelning –

Bro Jamin and Sis El Richards are looking after Junior School.



Bro Alan and Sis Maureen Struckman

Bro Glenn and Sis Gail Williams

Bro Michael and Sis Miriam France

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