Winter School 2019

6 July – 13 July 2019, Napier Girls’ High School

We look forward to seeing you there, God willing!


Isaac: Son, Husband and Father
Bro Nathan Taylor, Brighton

Far less is recorded of the life of this sojourner than that of his father or his son, but what we do know is that the journey of this promised son, born to faithful parents and blessed by his Father in heaven, had many challenges.

He was the longed for and beloved son of both his mother and father which resulted in him being despised and mocked by his half brother. His relationship with both his father and his God was tested by his intended sacrifice on Mt Moriah. His relationship with his wife was loving and based on God’s principles of two becoming one, yet it also encompassed disharmony, selfishness and deception. He prayed for the blessing of children and then loved the son whom God hated and was grieved by Esau’s choices. He witnessed the failings of each of his twin sons and their incompatibility, conflicted relationship and eventual hatred.

In all of this he learned to fear God and found a place in the catalogue of the faithful because he “blessed Jacob and Esau concerning things to come.” He died aged 180 being “old and full of days” and was buried with his wife.

Our Lord has declared that many will sit down with him, along with Abraham and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven. The life of Isaac and how it intersected with his parents, wife and sons holds many lessons for those who desire to be the true seed of Abraham.


Solomon: the Prince of Peace
Bro Mark O’Grady, Tawa

This study investigates the fascinating days of Solomon’s early reign. It examines the principles upon which his Kingdom was built, the special relationship he had with God, the talented and remarkable people he surrounded himself with, and the administrative structures he put in place. As a cameo of the kingdom, the record provides many interesting lessons and relevant insights as we prepare for the reign of the “greater than Solomon” who will shortly arise.


Junior School — 1. Elijah  2. Earthquakes, wind, fire

This year in Junior school our children will enjoy the dramatic story of the prophet Elijah.
They will join him as he appears to Ahab, calls down fire from heaven on Mt Carmel, flees
for his life, preaches to a widow and sets a pattern for a future prophet and work.
During the second session they will zoom in on one event in the life of Elijah. Over three
sessions children will explore the science of Earthquakes, Wind and Fire and the power of
our creator in these elements.



Bro Russell and Sister Fiona Beaumont
Bro Alan and Sister Maureen Struckman

On the Edge of the Kingdom, various speakers

Bro Andrew and Sister Naomi Knox

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