The Schools have now been going for well over 40 years. During that time, the schools have gone through several phases and developments. Following is a brief history of the schools. They went through three distinct phases. In our history we will look at:


  •    An overview (written by Bro Brian O’Grady)
  •    Beginnings: the camps (a pictorial view)
  •    Development: Bible schools (a pictorial view)

An Overview:
Bro Brian and Sis Joyce O’Grady have been involved with the New Zealand Christadelphian Bible School for decades. Since taking over from Bro Vick and Sis Olive Beaumont, Bro Brian has guided the school through its different stages, working with younger brethren called upon to assist in the running of each school. Brother Brian has submitted the following account of the beginnings and development of the schools over the years…

Vick and Olve Beaumont Bro Vick and Sis Olive Beaumont

After many years of valuable input from the New Zealand Christadelphian Family Bible School to the brotherhood both in New Zealand and overseas, we pause to ponder its history and that of its predecessor established by Brother Victor Beaumont and his wife, Sister Olive.

It is hard to imagine a time when there was no national gathering of brothers and sisters and young people over the December – January period in New Zealand. Yet that was the vacuum that brother Victor recognised and with such indomitable spirit set about to fill.

We thank our Heavenly Father for brethren who had a clear vision of what was needed for the brotherhood and were prepared to devote themselves to achieving it. This was the spirit that allowed the blessings from God to prosper the work. We sometimes may think of Nehemiah as unique to the work of the Truth. But there are others throughout the centuries who have been committed in the same way.

The first years were under canvas and as Brother Vic wrote to me describing those days, I discovered that the eldest was 73 and the youngest a few weeks old – truly a family camp.

Our young people needed opportunity to meet each other, to talk and play together, to discover a potential partner in the Truth. How valuable these camps were to provide such an opportunity. There are many happily married brothers and sisters in this country and overseas who have made initial contact with each other at our Family Bible School and its predecessor.