The Cherubim

Brother Jonathan Bowen (Canada)

Handout Notes (PDF)

1. The Cherubim in Eden

Study 1 SLIDES (PDF)

2. Thou That Dwellest Between the Cherubim

Study 2 SLIDES (PDF)

3. The Seraphim in Isaiah

Study 3 SLIDES (PDF)

4. The Living Creatures of Ezekiel 1

Study 4 SLIDES (PDF)

5. The Cherubim of Ezekiel 10

Study 5 SLIDES (PDF)

6. The Living Creatures in Revelation

Study 6 SLIDES (PDF)

The Wonder of Forgiveness

Brother David Bailey

1. The Wonder of Forgiveness

Study 1 SLIDES

2. Let a Man Examine Himself

Study 2 SLIDES

3. The Problem of Sin

Study 3 SLIDES

4. God’s Answer to Sin

Study 4 SLIDES

5. The Experience of Forgiveness

Study 5 SLIDES

6. The Power of Forgiveness

Study 6 SLIDES

Evening Series

1. Introduction

Brother Glen Davies

2. The First Century Foundations

Brother Neville Clark

3. The Revival of the Truth in our Age

Brother Chris Yearsley

4. Be Ye Stedfast, Immoveable

Brother Mark O’Grady

Remember Lot’s Wife

Brother Jonathan Bowen

Remember Lot’s Wife SLIDES (PDF)


Take up thy cross

Brother Colin Brown