Introduction Talks

Our Compassionate High Priest

Brother Stephen Whitehouse (UK)

1. East of the Garden

2. Melchizedek King of Salem

3. Aaron and the Levites

4. The Zadok Priesthood

5. Christ our Great High Priest

6. A Kingdom of Priests and a Holy Nation

Our Compassionate High Priest SLIDES

Complementary Roles

Brother Mark O’Grady (NZ)

1. One in Christ Jesus

Study 2 SLIDES

3. Wonderful Wives

Study 3 SLIDES

4. Mothers of Millions

Study 4 SLIDES

5. Vulnerability

Study 5 SLIDES

6. The Beauty of the Bride

Study 6 SLIDES

Evening Series: The Wonder of the Creator

Talk 1: In the Beginning God

Brother Chris Yearsley

Talk 2: The Heavens and the Earth

Brother Glen Davies

Talk 3: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Brother Glen Williams

Talk 4: Spiritual Creation

Brother Nathan Lewis


Brother Ben Brinkerhoff

Reading: Luke 8:1–15


Brother Stephen Whitehouse

The Keys to Understanding Bible Prophecy

Song and Praise

A New Creation