Summer School 2014

First session. Encounters with the Messiah

Brother Ron Cowie, East Torrens Ecclesia, South Australia

  1. Nicodemus. He came by night
  2. The son of man hath power
  3. Bethesda. Wilt thou be made whole
  4. How is it ye do not understand
  5. The thief on the cross crucified with Christ
  6. Did our hearts not burn


Second session. 1 Corinthians

Brother Ben O’Grady, Christchurch North Ecclesia, New Zealand

  1. Let him Glory in the Lord
  2. Labourers together with God
  3. Ye are not your own
  4. All things are lawful
  5. A more excellent way
  6. Thanks be to God


2014 Evening studies

Exhort: Be ye Holy as I am Holy

Talk 1: Events that have shaped our world

Talk 2: The two great wars and the making of a materialistic society

Talk 3: Hiroshima and the rise of Post Modernism

Talk 4: The invention of the World Wide Web and the creation of a virtual world

Talk 5: Current Events

Song and Praise. Called unto holiness


Seminar. How to change habits