Summer School 2016

First session. The Levites – They shall be mine

Brother Steve McGeorge

  1. Relationships and Connections
  2. Soldiers and Warriors
  3. Porters and Gatekeepers
  4. Gifts and Sacrifices
  5. Teachers and Judges
  6. The Nethinim and Spiritual Levites


Second session. David and the consequences of sin

Brother David Bailey, Christchurch West Ecclesia, New Zealand

  1. Thou art the man
  2.  Absalom prepared him chariots and horses
  3. Arise let us flee
  4. Arise and let us pass over the water
  5. O Absalom my son
  6. So the King returned


Evening studies

  1. The ways of providence
  2. The Angels
  3. Washing of Regeneration – The Spirit
  4. Song and Praise
  5. Exhortation