Letters to the Seven Ecclesias

Brother Neville Clark

1. Philadelphia

2. Ephesus

3. Smyrna

4. Pergamos

5. Thyatira

6. Sardis

7. Laodicea

The Ecclesia in the Wilderness

Brother Ben O’Grady

1. The Passover and the Red Sea – Fleeing Egypt

2. Mt Sinai – Yahweh Revealed in Horeb

3. Controversy, Conflict and the Intercessor

4.Protection, Sustenance and Worship in the Wilderness

5. Baal Peor & Phinehas – Devastation at the Edge of the Kingdom

6. The Promised Land – Yahweh’s People Redeemed

Evening Series – This is the Victory that Overcomes the World, Even our Faith

Various Speakers

1. Faith in the Last Days

2. Challenges to our Faith – Technology

3. Faith and Developing a Good Conscience

4. Song and Praise – The Victory of Faith